A Welcome Note

Thank you for browsing our site. Do leave comments/messages for inquiries. Check our tabs above for further details.
Happy scrapping!

Payment Method

All payments made in Ringgit Malaysia. (Of course!)

Payments must be made in 3 stages:
  • STAGE 1: Deposit of 50% must be made once we receive your order confirmation, which is your photos.
  • STAGE 2: After the approval of the Final Draft, another 40% must be made before we proceed for printing.
  • STAGE 3: The remaining 10% must be made once you receive your scrapbook.
    We will email/SMS the account number for payment purposes. 

    Once payment made, please inform us for verification. Emailing the payment receipt/bank slips will be a better confirmation.

    Why the 3 Stages Payment?

    In order to save our time and resources, by using this payment stages method we will know who is our serious customer. We do not want to waste our time and also any possible customer in line by making scrapbooks for those who are not serious. We also would like to minimize the possibility of wasting our resources in printing scrapbooks for customer who change their mind on the last minute.

    ** Please allow us 1 - 2 weeks to complete our 1st Draft, 1 week to complete printing after Stage 2 payment and 1 week for deliveries. Thank you.



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