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Alongside the growth of photography interests in the society today, we believe most of you out there enjoy snapping pictures on a daily basis.

Storing pictures in photo hosting sites such as Photobucket, Picasa, Flickr, TinyPic, etc and share it in your facebook accounts are some of the common methods we use today in showing our moments to others. How about going back to the traditional way? Something classic with a modern touch perhaps.

Instead of storing everything up in a photo hosting sites or in your hard disks or stacking it up in photo albums, why don't we pick the significant ones and make a story out of it? Scrapbooks is an ideal way to tell the story of your journey or events that mark your life such as weddings, births, graduations, reunions and such. 

What we usually do is:

Wedding pictures taken by pro photog

Make a print and place it in a frame

Another example here:

Snap friend's wedding day

 Share it on facebook and tag friends
Or another lame example is:

Edit your photos and store in Photobucket without anyone notices it (-.-)

Well... are these sound familiar then?

These are the common things we do with our photos. But why don't we do something different this time? Let say, arrange those photos into scrapbooks? But some people complaints they don't have the time to collect and arrange a scrapbook. Or it is too costly to start scrapbooks. Or I'm not a creative person! Or I'm not good in doing all the tiny details. No worries mate!

This is where we come into the picture. We help you do the arrangements with adequate budgets and time. We're the one with the magic wand!

Imagine this:

All of the photos above turned into this:

There are words and captions along the photos telling the stories (^^,)v

Instead of piling up your photos some place else, why don't we compile it into a scrapbook? We'll decorate it with beautiful embellishments, colorful backgrounds and of course, we'll let you express yourself with the texts/captions and the storyline to make it as your personal touch!


That's not our final product yet. After compiling your great journeys into scrapbooks, we'll be sending them to the printer and yes, you'll receive your scrapbook on your doorsteps or designated pick up areas. Your scrapbook will look something like this:

Finished Skrapbooks
Finished Skrapbooks
Some more samples
From framed to binded skrapbook.
From Photobucket to skrapbook.

Now you can browse your photos without having the hassle to login on any particular sites and yes, you can show this to your friends and guests at home. Wulla!!!!


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