A Welcome Note

Thank you for browsing our site. Do leave comments/messages for inquiries. Check our tabs above for further details.
Happy scrapping!

How To Order

These are the simple steps on how to order you scrapbooks:
  1. Fill in the Order Form on the Order Form tab.
  2. We will receive your order via email and we'll get back to you ASAP.
  3. As for your ordering confirmation, we'll send you a request to send us the photos you would like to line up in the scrapbook. You can send the photos via email or in a CD/DVD if the size of the total photos are too large.
  4. Once we receive the photos, we'll prepare the layout and decorate the scrapbook based on the theme you picked in the Order Form.
  5. After completing the layout design, we'll send you the 1st Draft for you to complete the captions/texts. (This is where you personal touch comes!)
  6. Resend us the 1st Draft to complete the scrapbook.
  7. After completing the captions/texts, we'll send the 2nd Draft to you for spell-check (esp. on names/dates/locations). 
  8. Any correction will be made accordingly and we'll send you the Final Draft for final check up.
  9. If you are satisfied with the Final Draft, your scrapbook will be sent for printing. Any corrections beyond this stage will not be entertained.
  10. If there are still corrections in the Final Draft, repeat step 8.
  11. Once we finished printing, your scrapbook will be sent to you via mail or designated pick up area. 


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